House Rentals

House Rentals in Amsterdam

If you need to rent a house in Amsterdam, often the best place to look is with a rental agent. These professional agencies have lots of properties for expats. Using a qualified and official rental agency removes all the potential pitfalls. This means that you can rent your home with confidence. The experts in house rental will handhold and guide you all along the way. Because they have a code of conduct and a contract, you get precisely what you want with no surprises. This is important as many scammers are operating on the internet, just waiting for unsuspecting expats to rent from them, and that can often end in tears.

Where to Live in the Amsterdam area?

Perhaps you already know where to live. If you do not, the house rentals agent will look at your work, school and family situation and start looking for convenient rentals that best suit you. They all have a large selection of homes for you to see and can advise on the best part of town to suit your needs. Match your budget to their offers. These are our trusted partners that rent homes to expats in Amsterdam, in Amstelveen and surrounding areas. 

Become a Landlord

Keep this option in mind if your work takes you abroad for an extended period. If you own a house in Amsterdam, it can be rented out for you while you are away and therefore generate a tidy rental income for you. Many of the partners below would be happy to offer this service.