Driving Schools

Driving Schools in Amsterdam

Whether you’re learning to drive for the first time or need an update to your foreign license, these driving schools are here to help. The roads in and around Amsterdam can be dangerous even at the best of times. Learn to drive with experienced driving schools and get to drips with all the rules and regulations of driving safely on Dutch roads and motorways. You will need to learn and practise for a practical and a theory exam. You will need to be especially careful when learning to drive due to the vast number of cyclists on the road. 

Getting the Dutch Driving License

You will probably need to get a Dutch licence and pass that exam and the famous theory test. Most driving schools will help you with both. The whole idea is to make sure that you are qualified to drive on the Dutch roads and that you do so safely. If you are from outside the EU and have a driving license already, you might need to renew it to be able to drive on Dutch roads. This can also have implications for your insurance cover, so contact an expert below and find out all the rules you need to know about.

Finding and using good driving schools is an essential part of the process. Having all the proper permits is critical whether you need a car for work, business or leisure. They can advise you on the specificities of the foreign license and what you need to do to get a Dutch one.

The Graduate
The Graduate Driving School
Denk Driving School Amsterdam
Denk Driving School Amsterdam