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City Tours Amsterdam

City tours in Amsterdam and around the Netherlands. Discover more of what this beautiful city has to offer by using an expert guide. There is so much knowledge and history, and having a professional guide can make all the difference. Get better insights and understanding. The city attracts many millions of tourists every real and for good reasons. It is one of the world’s most incredible and beautiful cities. There is so much to see and learn about its history.  These tours are not just for tourists Indeed, many locals join these tours to learn more about Amsterdam and what a wonderful place it is. It might just well change your opinion of Amsterdam and open your eyes to how this great city was built over the centuries.

Learn More about Amsterdam

Even after having lived in Amsterdam for years, there is always more we can all learn about the city. Choosing to go on a guided walking or bike tour is always full of new and exciting insights. Do you know where Rembrandt was buried after he died? Do you know where the blue crown on top of the Westerkerk came from and why? How much do you really know about the city? Join a tour and when you have guests visiting, book them on city tours. It will open your eyes to the place where you live. All the guides have a vast knowledge of all the most interesting facts and figures about the city and the surrounding areas.


Featured Bike Tours

Mike's Bike Tours

Mikes Bike Tours Amsterdam. Discover the beauty of Amsterdam and the surrounding area on a bike. Started in 1999, the team really know Amsterdam and the area. A fun, friendly and professional team that will share they passion for the area with you. There are many experiences you will adore. The goal is to make you experience Amsterdam through the eyes of a local in a relaxed way. To that end, you’ll be riding a bike that a local would ride. Group rises are kept small to increase the enjoyment. Enjoy a guided to private your with out team and get some amazing memories.

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