Bike Hire in Amsterdam

Cycling in Amsterdam

Bike hire in Amsterdam is a must for any visitor to the city of bicycles. It is said that there are more bikes in Amsterdam than inhabitants. It is very safe to cycle in Amsterdam, you just need to keep your wits about you, and you will have the most enjoyable experience. There are many different types of bicycles you can hire. These include your classic bike, a bakfiets (A cargo bike which is excellent if you have small children), a tandem for the incurable romantics and many more. Cycling in Amsterdam is hands down the fastest and best way to visit this wonderful city.

Bike Safely in Amsterdam

When you rent a bicycle in Amsterdam, the bike hire service provider will certainly give you a map of the city and some tips for safe cycling in Amsterdam.  As well as bike hire, you also have the option of hiring a helmet. This is an excellent idea for anyone who feels a little unsure of their cycling skills. It is easy to get around Amsterdam on a bike, so there is no need to have your phone in your hand constantly. Put it away, so it does not distract you or drop and get smashed. Always stick to the bike lanes. Remember to respect the other cyclists and clearly signal so that they know where you are going. A top cycling tip in Amsterdam is always to be careful of the tram lines on the street. You should always cross these at an angle so that your front wheel does not get stuck in the tram line and you crash your bike.

Getting around Amsterdam on a bike

Getting around Amsterdam on a bike is easy for most visitors. The city’s bicycle lanes are famously clear and easy to use. Many cyclists do go the wrong way up a one-way street, so be aware of that. When you arrive at your destination, always lock your bike to something, preferably a designated bike rack stand. Bicycle theft is still very much an issue in Amsterdam. Many of the new bike parks the municipality provides are underground, so look for those. Top tip: take a photo of where you parked your bike; it is too easy for visitors to get confused and not remember where they locked their bike!

Bike hire in Amsterdam

When our friends and family come to visit, they might need to rent bikes too. Here is a list of some excellent bike hire places in Amsterdam. 

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Mike's Bike Tours

Mikes Bike Tours Amsterdam. Discover the beauty of Amsterdam and the surrounding area on a bike. Started in 1999, the team really know Amsterdam and the area. A fun, friendly and professional team that will share they passion for the area with you. There are many experiences you will adore. The goal is to make you experience Amsterdam through the eyes of a local in a relaxed way. To that end, you’ll be riding a bike that a local would ride. Group rises are kept small to increase the enjoyment. Enjoy a guided to private your with out team and get some amazing memories.

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