Vegan restaurants in Amsterdam. In recent years, lots of vegan restaurants have open in the city. This is due to increased demand and a general awareness of the importance of for origins and animal welfare. The food is bright, colourful and delicious.

Vegan Restaurants

Veggie and Spice

Veggie and Spice – As a lifelong vegetarian it has not always been easy to come across good tasting food. what a long wait for tasty vegetarian and vegan food options to appear on to the menus of cafes and restaurants here in Amsterdam.  But thankfully so, as this same frustration also fueled my desire to explore the world of cooking. Experimenting with flavor combinations and creating yummy new vegetarian and vegan dishes became my pastime.  In the past 7 years I have been lucky enough to put my cooking skills to the test, working as a freelance cook, offering catering, making lunches for different co-working spaces and offices as well as menu development. If you are interested in the options for Vegetarian and vegan catering, please get in contact.

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