French cuisine is recognised the world over as being very exciting. It is very varied and each region is proud of its very different dishes. Amsterdam has a large French community and many restaurants that serve French cuisine. French chefs are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Indeed, nouvelle cuisine is French! That said, the French chefs are also great traditionalists and love to use the recipes handed down over generations. the grandmother’s recipes are they are so often called with great affection. 

Here are a selection of the best French restaurants in Amsterdam, so you can enjoy some classic French dishes.

French Restaurants

Amstel Restaurant

The Amstel Restaurant is a wonderful venue for a memorable food experience. It is inside one of Amsterdam’s most stunning buildings and the views over the Amstel river are just fabulous. The restaurant is essentially a fabulous French brasserie that uses only the very freshest ingredients to create a food experience for you. the meant and the fish are local and cooking using French techniques. At the Amstel Restaurant, the client is at the centre of everything, the food, the service and everything else. The beautiful decor helps enhance your memorable time with us, in other words, unforgettable.

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