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Local info pages for Amsterdam life, so you are in the know. A selection of our information pages about living in Amsterdam. All the things you need to know in one handy place. Everybody needs more information to be better informed. In this useful section we have information pages for all aspects of your Amsterdam life. These include: education, entertainment and health. Also, getting a mortgage, going out or dentistry and much more. We even have info pages about coffeeshops, having pets in The Netherlands, Dutch food, mental health and what to do in Amsterdam. 

Many of our local info pages are written by experts, so you get the very  best quality information. Easy to read and to the point, you will find it useful and easy to use. 

The IB School System
coffeeshops in amsterdam
Coffeeshops in Amsterdam
Pets in NL
Pets in The Netherlands
Support groups in Amsterdam
Support groups in Amsterdam
Dutch Food Kibeling
Dutch Food
Dutch food - It won't kill you and it might make you stronger!
Pride Amsterdam
LGBT+ in Amsterdam
Dental care in Amsterdam
Dental care in Amsterdam
The Dutch Healthcare System
Transport in Amsterdam
Getting around the city…and farther afield... Transport in Amsterdam. Of course, the iconic bicycle is the form of transport most associated with the Netherlands and in Amsterdam you can clearly see that it is the default mode of transport. Here we will look at all the other methods for getting around the city and the country.
Education in The Netherlands
Education in The Netherlands
Mortgage Information For Expats
Housing in Amsterdam
Housing in Amsterdam
Start learning Dutch now
Jobs and working in the Netherlands
How To Buy A Home In The Netherlands
If you're tired of flushing your money down the toilet every month (renting an apartment) then being the shrewd individual that you are, you're probably thinking about buying a property. If that's the case, then this article is definitely for you. Learn about what's involved in buying a property in the Netherlands from a real estate agent that has been helping expats buy homes in the Netherlands for over 16 years.
Entertainment In Amsterdam