Culture in Amsterdam. Here is a selection of our favourite cultural venues in this fine city, so you can enjoy more of it. You can see art, theatre, music and more. The Amsterdam culture scene has vastly improved in recent years. There is more theatre, comedy, classical music, art exhibitions, comedy nights, ballet and opera in Amsterdam than ever before! The cultural calendar is usually packed to the brim with great events. During the covid time, those have all been put on hold for the most part. 

As we move through 2021 and 2022, many more events will be coming back. We will soon be able to enjoy much more culture in Amsterdam. If the covid era has taught us anything, it is the importance of culture in our lives. We are social animals that love to attend events together. All of us need exhibitions and plays. We need art and music. All these things make us feel good and enrich our lives. So get more culture in your lives. Check in here regularly and follow our Facebook feeds where we share about the cultural events in Amsterdam.