Culture in Amsterdam.

Here is a selection of our favourite cultural venues in this fine city so that you can enjoy more of them. You can see art, theatre, music and more. The Amsterdam culture scene has vastly improved in recent years. There is more theatre, comedy, classical music, art exhibitions, comedy nights, ballet and opera in Amsterdam than ever before! The cultural calendar is usually packed to the brim with significant events. We list up a lot of these events in our handy overview. This makes it easier for you to find events involving culture and attend. So get out there and enjoy them! You’ll be glad you did!

Culture is Back!

We are so lucky to be able to enjoy much more culture in Amsterdam. We are social animals that love to attend events together. All of us need exhibitions and plays. We need art and music. All these things make us feel good and enrich our lives. So get more culture in your lives. Go to a museum. Take your kids too. A Museum Card will get you into a lot of the venues in Amsterdam. That is a total bargain. Here is an article we wrote about why we love the Museum Card so much. There is even one for kids! So keep an eye out for all the fantastic cultural events taking place in Amsterdam. Then book your places and go and see them. Culture enriches the soul, and the more you see the happier you will be!


De Waalse Kerk

De Waalse Kerk, or in English, The Walloon Church, is a beautiful building right in the heart of old Amsterdam. The church has been in this position since 1578 and still has a pastoral function. The modern-day functioning also includes many superb cultural events performed on a stage inside this iconic setting. In fact, since 2015, the expansion of cultural offerings has proven itself to be a very successful undertaking. The common and unifying themes of the church include music, culture, live performances, the French language and contemplation. See The Waalse Kerk cultural agenda on the official events page.

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The Concertgebouw Amsterdam
The Concertgebouw Amsterdam
The National Maritime Museum
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The Badhuistheater Amsterdam
The Badhuistheater Amsterdam