Cinemas in Amsterdam

Cinemas in Amsterdam

There are many great cinemas in Amsterdam where you can see a film. Many little independent cinemas screen a huge selection of films every week. Now more than ever, they need your support. One way to support them is through the Cineville card. You get unlimited access to films in participating cinemas in Amsterdam. The venues get a more significant number of spectators seeing great films. Several of the venues have the possibility to buy food and drink, so you can really make an evening of it. More cinemas will appear here soon.

Over 100 Years Old and Still a Great Time!

Well over 100 years old and still a great night out. Going to see a film in Amsterdam is still exciting and fun. Choosing a film and sitting in a room with other people is still so popular. It beats watching something at home on the television. Maybe it is a new release you can tell your friends about. Maybe it is a classic film from the past that you would love to see again on the silver screen. You choose the genre, the director and the actors you love and settle in for the entertainment. With these cinemas in Amsterdam, you have a vast choice of films and all for one low monthly price. Or you can, of course,  book without the need for a card. The essential thing is that we support these small venues when and where we can. They are an essential part of our cultural heritage. Long live the cinemas in Amsterdam!

Featured Cinema


Cineville Card is an association that loves cinema in all its form and support this important cultural sector. With a Cineville card you can see as many films as you like. This in any of the 44 participating independent cinemas. These are all around The Netherlands. With two great low monthly prices (depending n your age), you can go as often as you like. There are so many beautiful films to see on the big screen. Even well after 100 years after its invention, going to the cinema is still one of the most entertaining things to do. You becoming a Cineville member means that you directly support all cinemas in the scheme, many of whom rely on this kind of assistance. Long live cinema! Long live the Cineville card! See participating cinemas in Amsterdam

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