King’s Day 2023

King's Day 2023

When is King’s Day 2023? King’s Day is on April 27th 2023  – By far, this is the greatest day of the year. It is a very special day in The Netherlands. Well, because it’s King’s Day! It is one of the biggest street parties in the world. In Amsterdam, the whole city (and the […]

The Voorlinden Museum

The Voorlinden Museum

Museum of the Moment – The Voorlinden Museum in Wassenaar. There are so many great museums to visit in The Netherlands. This is definitely one of them. In fact, if you love contemporary art and sculpture, then the Voorlinden Museum is a must. I love a trip day out of Amsterdam to discover a museum. […]

Why Bother Learning Languages?

Why Bother learning languages

Why Bother Learning Languages? Are you having trouble learning Dutch? If everyone says it is difficult, then it must be, right? And it seems most Dutch people are fluent in English, so why bother anyway? I will outline the reasons below, and there are many.  What about other languages? Are they more challenging than Dutch? […]

Book Review January 2023

The Amsterdam good murder guide 1

This is the Book Review January 2023. It is a new and regular feature where I will read and review books in the hope that it will encourage you all to read more. We live in a time where everybody seems hopelessly lost in the ‘cult of busy’. We are all rushing around, chasing our tails […]

Electric Ladyland

Electric Ladyland

Electric Ladyland is a little gem of a museum tucked away in the heart of Amsterdam’s beautiful Jordan district. It is a place that lots of people have heard of or intended to visit, but few people have actually made the next important step and booked a visit. That is a shame. And, to my shame, […]

The Kattenkabinet Amsterdam

The Kattenkabinet Amsterdam is just another of the city’s quirky and different places you can visit. There’s nowhere else quite like it! For all cat overs, it is a must. It is also a great way to visit one of the beautiful buildings on Amsterdam’s Herengracht. The Kattenkabinet was created by Bob Meijer as a […]

Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen

Zuidezee Museum Enhuizen

The Netherlands has a vast array of fantastic museums that deserve our attention. In this new and regular feature, we will visit as many of them as possible. We hope it inspires you to see more of them. So last Sunday, we jumped on a train and headed North to visit Enkhuizen. It’s always a […]

Dental Care For Internationals

Dental care for families

We all know it because we all see it. A lovely bright smile is just a beautiful thing to see. It is friendly, it looks healthy, and it is the perfect thing to show when you first meet someone. It is usually the result of years of good brushing and excellent dental care. A lot […]

Businesses and the Law

Businesses and the law

Why would expats need a lawyer? Expats are using lawyers all the time. Hopefully, it would not be because they are in trouble with the police. There might be a myriad of reasons and some of them in this article might surprise you. Most people only see the activity of a lawyer through the narrow […]

SMASH the Times Table

Times Tables. Put these two words together and gasps of horror are sure to arise! Followed by tales from yesteryear eagerly detailing how Mrs Smith drilled the times tables with such rigour you still shiver in fear when your child asks what 7×8 is. (Pro Tip: Remember the sequence 5678 for 7×8=56). In recent years […]