In ‘t Aepjen

In ‘t Aepjen

In ‘t Aepjen is a beautiful brown cafe on the Zeedijk close to Central Station. It is one of the very few surviving wooden buildings in Amsterdam and it dates back to 1519. It wasn’t always a bar and, in the past, was a lodging, often for drunken sailors. Legend has it that sailors who […]

Café ‘t Smalle

Café ‘t Smalle

Café ‘t Smalle is a perennial favourite of both locals and tourists alike. The name itself is an interesting one, and it means ‘narrow bar’. It closed during the lockdowns and emerged with new owners who added a modern twist to this historical classic. It kept most of the old world feel with its wooden […]

Cafe Chris

cafe chris

Cafe Chris is a beautiful brown cafe that has been serving drinks to its customers since 1624. That makes it the oldest bar in the Jordan area of Amsterdam. Tucked away in a corner off the main areas, it is the perfect place to enjoy a drink at any time. You will likely bump into […]

Cafe Papeneiland

Cafe Papeneiland is perhaps one of the most photographed corners of Amsterdam. It is where the Prinsengracht meets the Brouwersgracht. It is charming and old school, and it is a joy to sit outside and watch the world go by. It has been there since 1642. It is really typical of the cosy cafe that […]

Cafe De Doktor

Cafe de doktor

Cafe De Doktor is a little gem right in the middle of Amsterdam, but it thankfully is missed by the thousands of people who are in the town centre every day. It is on a little side street near Spui andkalverstraiat. It is almost impossible not to fall instantly in love with this lovely little […]