What are the Top 10 Amsterdam Blogs?

Top 10 Amsterdam blogs

And how they can improve your experience of living in Amsterdam

Ah, living the Amsterdam life. It’s really not all about the coffee shops and the Red Light district. In fact, it’s really not about those things at all. For some tourists perhaps, but what about us internationals that live here all year long? There is a wealth of things to see and do in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. Covid has drastically changed the number of things we can do, but it will pass and things will open up again. We often ask what are the top 10 Amsterdam blogs. We have some blogs and vlogs we absolutely love. These are all made by local people and they provide us with a wealth of ideas of things to do in Amsterdam. Information, tips, ideas, photos and films, it’s all there. Here are our top 10 and we hope they can improve your experience of living in Amsterdam too!

What are the Top 10 Amsterdam Blogs?

So here are our Top 10 Amsterdam blogs. We cannot live without them. Beautiful Amsterdam is the source of so much joy. These blogs highlight much of it, as well as events, kids activities, places to eat and places to visit in Amsterdam. So if you too ever asked what are the top 10 Amsterdam blogs, you’ll enjoy this article.


Moco Museum


1. The Amsterdam Foodie

Amsterdam Foodie

All about food!

We all need to eat and an increasing number of us love to eat. Making good decisions about where to eat is never easy. Well, it is when you follow the Amsterdam Foodie. For years now, Vicky Hampton has been trying a huge range of places to eat in Amsterdam and telling her loyal following about it. She has produced books and restaurants guides. The restaurant reviews, recommendations and tips are a Godsend. She writes for newspapers and has authored a book about perfect working lunches. She writes, cooks and eats out in order to inspire us all to take a greater interest in food. Keep up the great work Vicky!


2. Amsterdam Calling

Amsterdam Calling web series

So pick up! Fantastic videos!

We love these great films made by The Amsterdam Calling team over the years. The driving force is Jerry Goldberg, a Californian filmmaker based in Amsterdam. Jerry and a revolving team travel far and wide to make these great films. It could be steam trains or Dutch food. Or snowy landscapes to quirky museums. It’s all there for your viewing pleasure. Make your selection of the varied episodes or watch them all. You will discover so much about Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Great work everyone! I even help present in one or two of them, like the Amsterdam Roef Festival.


3.The Amsterdamian

Amsterdamian logo

Over 10 years of exploring and recording

We just love the work Dana puts into her blog and what a lot of work over the years! Dana records that major events and passing seasons in Amsterdam and her new home of beautiful Alkmaar. She is a keen photographer and chronicler of life in its ever-changing pattern. The articles are beautifully written, thoughtful and reflective. It might be about a visit to Deventer or an insight into Dana’s own journey. Check out her site and click around on the tiles. there is a wealth of content to explore.


4. The Amsterdam Shallowman

Amsterdam Shallowman

Thinking and laughter.

One of the first blogs we discovered upon arriving in Amsterdam way back when. There are lots of really funny bog articles that take an irreverent look at the Dutch and Dutch lifestyle. If you want to know the low down about dating a Dutch guy or a lady Dutchie, then you will find it here. But not only dating, the Shallowman also tackles other issues about living in the Netherlands. A very popular blog with the expat community in The Netherlands.


5. Invading Holland

Invading holland with Stu

UK Stu tells it as he sees it in NL.

We love this blog and its wonderful contents by an Englishman living in The Netherlands. Stu came to The Netherlands way back in 2001. He has been writing lovely articles about his experiences living here. These include learning Dutch, the weird things he has noticed and being accident-prone.  Lots of lovely writing and we really love the artwork Stu creates himself. Wonderfully colourful and interesting, so check out Invading Holland and see Stu’s insights.


6. Stuff Dutch People Like

Stuff Dutch People like

A celebration of Dutchness.

A really lovely blog about all things that make the Netherlands and the Dutch so special.  A collection of interesting and amusing insights into living in this country. Also, fun for the Dutch and as the Facebook page has half a million followers, we think the Dutch love it too. There is a shop with lots of great gift items and we love the books. The one about Dutch cooking is great and we have cooked many dishes found in that one! 


7. Awesome Amsterdam

Awesome Amsterdam blog

A very complete blog for locals and visitors.

I just love this blog and visit regularly. It is incredibly complete and very inspiring for anyone that is looking for ideas for a place to visit or a great place to eat. The blog is run by a collective of locals, most of them expats. It is full of great lists of places to visit too, so choosing will be a cinch. There is a great local events section and for the curious, a really interesting fun facts section. It also covers places you might want to visit outside Amsterdam. Check out the Awesome Amsterdam blog and you will be using it for years.


8. UnClogged in Amsterdam

Unclogged in Amsterdam

Melissa tells us all about Amsterdam

A very in-depth exploration of Amsterdam from the perspective of an American expat living in the city. Melissa goes everywhere to see everything and reports back about what she saw. She revels in discovering the hidden gems and off the beaten track Amsterdam. Follow her UnClogged blog and you too can see another side of Amsterdam. Lots of lovely photos too.


9. iAmsterdam Blog

Top 10 Amsterdam blogs

The very complete iAmsterdam blog.

This one is vast and a must for everyone. It covers all areas of living in Amsterdam and you will learn a lot of useful and interesting things. There are interviews with locals, endless cultural ideas and much, much more. It lists lots of great ideas for events for families. Just a huge resource for everyone. See the iAmsterdam blog here.


10. Amsterdam in English.

what are the top 10 amsterdam blogs

A local blog I write

Last, but not least (Ahem…), I add in here a blog I write. A shameless self-promoter, how could I miss it out? It’s a real mixed bag of nuts. I write about people, places, culture, film reviews or simply things I love about Amsterdam. I invite you to have a look, there’s something for everyone. See more on the Amsterdam in English blog.

There is so much to learn about Amsterdam!

There you have it for anyone that ever wondered what are the top 10 Amsterdam blogs. Of course, there are many more. Please tell us about the ones you love. Hope you enjoy all the above local blogs in Amsterdam because they can help improve your life in the pretty city.


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