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Dandy Bathrooms

Stylish Dandy Bathrooms – I love the chance meetings in life that happen more by accident than by design. I was looking on google maps for something and I stubbed across ‘Dandy Bathrooms’. Dandy is not a word you hear very often in the UK, let alone in The Netherlands. My interest was alerted and I rang the phone number. I spoke with Carolien, the owner, and it sounded great, so I jumped on my bike and went to visit. It is half way up the Overtoom so really easy to get to. Once you have been inside, you will never forget it. It is a huge showroom full of the best bathroom design products.

Stylish Dandy Bathrooms is effectively contains all Carolien’s favourite products and design ideas for bathrooms. There is nothing banal or ordinary there. There are stunning baths and showers. She has a collection of multicoloured wall tiles and all sorts of other beautiful design ideas.


Stylish Dandy Bathrooms


Beautiful products and design ideas

There are beautiful stone surfaces. She has showers, fixtures, fittings and the stylish lights to make it all look magical. An array of great products for the bathroom and she then alines the designs to match what you are looking for. It’s a well planned concept that takes the designs and then her teams do the installation too.


Dandy bathrooms


But as with most successful small businesses, it is all about the person who drives it forward. At Dandy Bathrooms that person is the founder Carolien. She has a passion for bathrooms and great design and brings the two passions together in perfect harmony. What this means for you is that an expert will guide you though the whole process to get the best results.


Dandy bathrooms


All the right colour and product choices right from the very start with the project managed and budgeted by Carolien. It is that kind of service that reassures people who want a unique final installation. Carolien helps her clients to chose a total design that reflects their likes and personality. 

If you are thinking of a new bathroom look and feel, get in contact with Carolien and experience all the possibilities at stylish Dandy Bathrooms.

Stylish Dandy BathroomsDandy Bathrooms
Overtoom 400h

020 341 54 19

Dandy Bathrooms Website

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