Staycation at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel

Front Marriott hotel

I have always loved staying in a hotel. It feels like being on holiday and getting away from it all. I was always impressed by famous actors or stars who lived in hotels for month or years on end. Perhaps that’s why I feel like a star when staying at a nice hotel. Many of us deserve to feel like a star after over a year of the situation we all just lived through. As things start to reopen, it’s time to start enjoying experiences once again. Hotels in Amsterdam have been open during these difficult times, but with zero tourists they have largely been empty and mostly quiet places. Their restaurants have been doing home deliveries of their food and dining options. One other thing they have been offering is very attractive staycation offers. I recently had the chance to do one of these at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel on the Leidseplein. Here is our recap of how it was.

Amsterdam Marriott Hotel view


I have never stayed at the Marriott before as I live nearby. I must have passed in front of it thousands of times over the years.  I have long wanted to eat at their much loved Midtown Grill restaurant. I was reliably informed by an American chef that they have the best steaks in Amsterdam. That fact stuck in my mind for a very long time. So I was very happy to do a staycation package and enjoy a much-needed break from routine. To take full advantage of the time at the hotel, we went in around 4 PM to relax after work. The hotel was quiet at that time as is to be expected and it was a Wednesday after all. The lobby decor is very nice with lots of cool design touches. The staff were so kind and helpful and checking in was super easy. Our bags were brought to our room in no time at all.


decor lighting
Lobby lighting


The first nice touch was a selection of cheese and nuts.  We had ordered some wine, but the nibbles were a lovely surprise. It was a great way to relax after work and have a snack as dinner was some time away still. We chilled and chatted over a glass of wine. The views over the Leidseplein are really impressive. It gave a whole new perspective to this large area I thought I knew. It is always nice to have so a great view of Amsterdam.


Cheese and wine


The room was a good size and quite long, so there is space to spread out including a very comfortable couch. The best place to kick your shoes off and enjoy a glass of wine.  The decor was refined and very pleasing. there was a huge TV on the wall, which was handy for watching the football final….  The lighting was really cool as you can see in the picture below. The bathroom was great and stocked with many lovely products. And most importantly of all, the bed was very comfortable. You know, that kind of bed you really wish you had a home.


Marriot Amsterdam rooms


So before long, we called in our dinner order. We had it in our room, but now the restaurant is fully open again.  It was a beautiful short rib with fries and some sides. The meat was soft and delicious. There is a table and chairs in the room, so you can comfortably enjoy the meal. The full range of steaks and cuts are now back on the menu.


Short Rib


The dinner was delicious and there was also a dessert which we shared. It was just so nice not to have to prepare dinner and again, it really did feel like a holiday. Yes, things are rapidly changing, which is great for hotels and horeca. Last week, however, eating out felt like a new concept. One we really appreciated. Lovely dinner and the best night’s sleep for a very long time.


The Midtown Grill is now open again.




Never in a rush to leave a hotel, we chilled out in the morning and ordered a breakfast, which timewise was a brunch. It was hearty and delicious and was probably the only thing I ate that day. 


Breakfast at the Marriott


The Staycation

We did this because we needed a much-deserved break. It was a good move to forget about everything and have a midweek break. Also, friends and colleagues had done it and said that they loved it. It is like taking a time out and a mini holiday at the same time. all the excitement of the hotel and the great food that goes with it.  Right in the heart of Amsterdam with great views and the best night’s sleep for ages!


The Amsterdam Marriott Hotel

Check with the Marriott site for evolving deals, offers and staycation packages. 

Address: Stadhouderskade 12, 1054 ES Amsterdam 

Phome: 020 607 5555


The hotel has a policy for cleanliness and safety due to Covid. You can read these here.


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