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Speed up in Dutch – I am learning Dutch, because I know it will improve my daily life.  This task was made instantly easier when someone explained to me that it is very similar to English. That was an important step, as up to then I had convinced myself that it was going to be really difficult. So, with my mindset rewired, in 2019 I got stuck in. I took some classes and hit the books. From previous experience learning languages, I knew that speaking was the most important thing for me. Small kids can communicate freely in their mother tongue never having taken a lesson. It’s because they keep talking with no fear of getting it wrong. Then they learn from their mistakes. I am convinced that we as adults have to do the same. So swallow your pride and start speaking and sure enough the rest will follow. Here are some set phrases that will help, because they will help you speed up in Dutch!

Making Progress in Dutch

Nothing feels like making progress than actually making progress. Being able to roll out whole phases in one go really helps me. Rather than try to assemble a sentence on the fly, I try to commit to memory whole phases. It also means that I can slightly adjust them too, as and when needed. It is easier for me that composing a sentence word by word. Here are a few phrases I thought might be useful. The lovely people over at NedLes Dutch language training translated them for me, so I am confident I can start to learn them and use them in action! 

10 Set Phrases in Dutch to Speed up in Dutch

Here are 10 set phrases you can use, so you sound Dutch in your daily life! Say them aloud over and over in order to learn them by heart. This helps because you have a muscle memory of having repeated them.
1. What beautiful weather today! > Lekker weer, hè?
2. I am trying to learn Dutch > Ik probeer Nederlands te leren.
3. What is the quickest way to the station please? > Hoe kom ik bij het station?
4. I really enjoyed that! > Dat was echt leuk/lekker!
5. Same time next week? > Volgende week weer?
Useful expressions in Dutch
6. I drank too much and I have a hangover! > Ik heb te veel gedronken en nu ben ik brak!
7. I am getting used to it now. > Je went eraan…
8. I look forward to seeing you again. > Leuk om je snel weer te zien.
9. I was a little homesick, but not now. > Ik had een beetje heimwee, maar nu niet meer.
10. I love living here! > Het is heerlijk om hier te wonen!
Useful expressions in Dutch

Thanks and contact details

Thank you Renske at NedLes for the above phrases.
If you are looking to learn or improve your Dutch contact NedLes, because learning a language is better with trained teachers.
NedLes Website
Phone: 06 15 00 47 35
In conclusion, some set phrases can really help you to make progress in Dutch. Because the best way to make progress is to really feel you are making gains. In conclusion, gains in Dutch all add up!
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