Managing a Home Redesign

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Managing a Home Redesign – We love a beautiful and well thought out home interior. It changes everything. Ever had that feeling when you go to someone’s house who has really made an effort with their interior design and you think : ‘Wow, I would die to live here!’ Well creating that feeling takes experience, planning and a design orientated mind.

Everyone seems to accept that the Italians are naturals at interior design and well, they are. They are the largest manufacturer of furniture in the world. They also design all manner of other beautiful products to go with the beautiful furniture. So we could say that the Italians have the monopoly on all thing interior design. Well yes. And no. The last time I was at the Furniture Fair in Milan there was a heavy presence of Dutch designers and the Italians loved it ! We asked a Dutch interior designer about that…….


Meet Stan

Stan van Kempen has been managing home redesign projects for decades. As an expert in interior design, I decided to ask him about the process. When does a project begin? What are the steps? What is to be expected? It all seems so daunting. Lots of expats moving here are buying houses that need renovation or refreshing. So I asked Stan to tell us all about how it works and here is what he had to say.


Interior designer


Managing a Home Redesign

The housing market in the Netherlands is very tense at the moment. It may be that you are considering buying a living space that does not yet meet all your wishes, but has the potential. Then this should be adjusted to the requirements. There is a lot involved in such a project. We are often involved in the purchase of an object to advise on the possibilities and to estimate the costs. It is also possible that you are considering a renovation or update of your own home. Then we can also be of service.

For many people, it is already difficult to look at the space objectively and not to be distracted by the interior design. It is often difficult to distinguish between main issues and side issues and to see what can be changed and with what consequences, including financial issues. The condition of the building is important, but also something like daylight. After all, that cannot be changed and often determines whether a purchase is made.


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The Best Laid Plans

When making plans, account must be taken of any necessary permits and agreement with, for example, the VVE/owners committee. A project takes a lot of stress with it. Our task is to remove this from the client and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We always start by drawing up a wish list and it is true that with every project this list is longer that the budget allows. Then it is a matter of setting the right priorities. The first priority is that the hull of the building is or will be brought into good condition. Making an architectural report is often wise. For example, we must look at foundations, frames, glazing, the roof and installations for electricity and water.

Then the nice things are discussed such as the kitchen, the bathroom and the floors. It is difficult to remain realistic when making choices that fit within the budget.


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The Whole Process

We guide you through the entire process from permit, design to turn key delivery if you wish. Then we explore the possibilities with you and are used to thinking out of the box and coming up with creative ideas. We also help you make the right choice for materials. Together with you it is determined what the atmosphere and appearance should be and how the house will be lived in. That forms the basis for the total plan with layout, colour plan, lighting and finishing. Magazines and interior design books are a source of inspiration, but we think it is important to look for individuality and a unique result that suits you.


Ultimately, the plan is worked out in 2D or 3D drawings and mood boards as desired. For the execution, we select the most suitable contractors and suppliers and we are responsible for the logistics planning. Depending on the size of the project, we try to keep the lead time to a minimum. We often collect the items for the interior from a logistics company so that everything can be delivered in one go.

Our goal is to amaze and inspire people. We never think in terms of limitations, but always in terms of solutions. The possibilities are often greater than you can imagine.



Thank you Stan for your insights.

If you wish to know more, have a look on Stan’s website here or call him on

06 55 14 19 99

Interior designer

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