Local Expat entrepreneur – Laura McKie

Local Expat entrepreneur

We recently spent a lovely time drinking coffee with Laura McKie, the owner of TONI&GUY in Van Baerlestraat.  I had some questions for her and she kindly provided the answers. 

1) What was your path to owning a Toni & Guy salon ?

From  the age of 13, I have been a colour technician with TONI&GUY.  My long term dream was always to own and run my own salon. Then one day the opportunity was there, so I grabbed it. I believe that there are times in life where opportunity knocks. At those times, you need to not only open the door, but rip it off its hinges. The great thing about running a salon is that no two days are ever the same. Different people come through the door every day. They all have their stories to tell.  The industry reminds me of the fashion world. New trends are happening all the time and you have to keep on top of that and make sure the team has all bases covered. Also, on top of all that, I have always loved working with my hands and with making people look and feel amazing.

Local Expat entrepreneur
Laura McKie

2) Tell us more about the salon on a daily basis.

It’s a team effort. Obviously, the clients know that they will receive the known standards of our world-renowned education and service. It reassures the clients. Our stylists are specialists in cutting and colouring techniques. It’s an established and polished process. We are devoted to education through innovation.  Our team members receive constant training on the latest techniques and trends. The group has close connections with London Fashion Week, so we are always on trend. 

We spend a large amount of our working day doing stylish cuts, extensions, dry styling, men’s grooming, fashion hair fixes and a whole range of other classic salon cuts. There are also a range of treatments to make you look and feel amazing ! We also use and sell the best products and we are constantly updating the product range. Just recently, we have start with an amazing new vegan hair car line called Authentic Beauty Concept. Come in and try it or you can read more about it here.

Essentially, in the salon it is different and fun every day and that is a good thing !


Local Expat entrepreneur


3) Who are your clients ? Where are they from ?

It starts with the team
. We are very international. Our client base is also. Over half of our regular clients come from the four corners of the earth. We love this variety. We love our Dutch clients too. This city is so cosmopolitan, so international. It is part of its charm. It is a city that is very easy to live in. The Dutch make it that way, but also because if you speak English you can settle right in. We see some of our clients have made the effort to learn Dutch and that certainly seems to be a game changer, which I totally understand.
I can not speak for all my clients, but i love this city. It is a melting pot of nationalities and if you see what is happening in the world, we are really lucky to live in Amsterdam.
Hair salon Amsterdam

4) You are a local expat entrepreneur. What advice do you have for budding expat entrepreneurs in Amsterdam ?

Well, firstly they could take a little overview of Dutch history. Centuries of international trade in the past and a booming domestic economy at the moment. They are traders and love commerce. The Dutch have created a culture that is conducive to entrepreneurs. It has been intentionally made as simple as possible for the entrepreneur to start a business and flourish. If you have a great idea and think you can make it, there is a good chance you will. Go and speak to the people at the KVK near the station. They want to help you succeed. In short, GO FOR IT !

Stylish hair


5) Lastly, what do you do out side work and what are your top tips for fun in Amsterdam ?

I am a fitness “junky”. You can find me 7 days a week in the gym. My home is my “temple” after a busy day in the salon, cuddling up with my cat Annabella on the sofa with a glass of wine is the best time of my day. Otherwise, I love checking out all the great new places to eat that are springing up around town. There is so much to do in Amsterdam that the choice is endless. It may be a small village-like city, but it punches above its weight for fun, culture and entertainment. You can never be bored in Amsterdam

Thank you local expat entrepreneur Laura for taking the time to talk to us and answer our questions. Do you too want to be a local expat entrepreneur ? Amsterdam is a great place to make that happen.

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