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IJsterk childcare in Amsterdam is a wonderful collection of centres across the city that looks after so many preschool children (0-4 years). As a parent of three children, I know how important great childcare is for the development of each and every child. Yes, it is important that parents feel safe in their childcare choices. Parents want to return to work with peace of mind every day that the child is happy and thriving. In many ways, the time spent in childcare has a massive influence on a child’s development and can influence them in a really positive way. There is so much more to it than just keeping the kids warm, busy and fed. It’s so important for kids to spend time out there in the world with their peers and other people! Also, my youngest who was in childcare early picked up Dutch in no time at all. So here we want to look at many elements of childcare and the good people at IJsterk have taken the time to answer our questions. We hope you find these insights interesting and useful in your understanding of how things work here.


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If you visit the IJsterk childcare centres, you might think that they are not in the same group. Rather than have a single look and feel, they are all unique and different. That is just the first indication that IJsterk is unique and different. Each of the 9 IJsterk centres has its own strong pedagogical vision and they all have a very personal approach with the parents and families they care for. It all makes for better communication and decision making. It’s a tried and tested formula that works really well. So let’s find out more with our IJsterk Childcare in Amsterdam Q+A.


q1. Please give us an overview of IJsterk. You are different, so please tell us how.

IJsterk Kinderdagverblijven is different because they have five important elements which apply to every location: characteristic buildings, healthy lifestyle, pedagogical vision with a lot of activities, involvement of parents and experienced teams/involved managers. There are 9 locations and every one of them has its own identity so parents can easily choose between the locations.


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q2. What are the most important elements of great childcare in your opinion?

Children need to have the chance to develop in a safe, open, happy and stable environment. It is important that they will have fun while developing physically, emotionally and socially. The strong pedagogical vision of IJsterk contributes to this development. That is why we only work with experienced staff and the children only see familiar faces at the locations.


q3. You have many expat families using your services. What is it that they tell you they like best about IJsterk?

The expat families like the personal attention, short lines of communication with the manager and staff, great childcare based on our pedagogical principles and familiar faces of the staff. And of course, the fact that the children learn Dutch quickly in a good and fun way.


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q4. One really important element for many is that the children will be making leaps forwards with the Dutch language. How does this happen in the centres?

The children sing Dutch songs during the day, the staff reads out to the children in Dutch, most of the children in the group speak Dutch and the staff also speaks Dutch to the children and to each other. The staff also points out things in books, drawings and at the location to tell the children what the Dutch word is for those objects.


IJsterk Childcare in Amsterdam


q5. I see you have lots of activities with the arts in order to stimulate the children. Please tell us more about these creative actions. 

The staff organizes activities every day like reading, clay modelling, drawing and making handcrafted things with paper and wood. The children make creative things for a couple of holidays in the Netherlands, like Sint Maarten, Sinterklaas, Easter and Christmas, but also for the seasons. But also external parties, like artists, yoga instructors and musicians come to the locations to teach the children about their field on a level that the children understand.

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Thank you for these wonderful insights into IJsterk Childcare in Amsterdam 

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