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Dental Care for Children – Smile and the whole world smiles with you. That is so true. A wide smile is a universally beautiful thing. It exudes warmth, friendliness, happiness and confidence. It is also the result of regular visits to a dentist who has spent a lot time looking after those teeth. A regular visit to a dentist and the hygienist is the best way to have a beautiful and healthy set of teeth. Also, it’s a lifelong project that starts from a very early age. That is the very thing we want to look at with this Q+A. How does dental care work for children in The Netherlands? Some expats think that it must be similar to where they come from. This is what we are looking at in this Q+A with the founder of a very popular family dental practice. Read on to learn some interesting facts about 

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For certain, EU countries will have similarities with the Dutch system. However, if you are from the US it appears very different. In order to get more understanding for you, we prepared this Q+A with Arie, the founder of De Zuidas Dental Practice. A fabulous dental centre very close to Museumplein in Amsterdam. A wonderful team of dental experts who speak many languages and love helping their expat clients with their wonderful smiles. 
Thank you Arie for answering our question on this specific topic.

q1. In your words, how does the Dutch dental care system work for kids? Is it all effectively free?

The Dutch dental care system differentiates between above and below 18 years of age. If you are younger than 18 years a substantial amount of basic dental care treatments are fully covered. For children up to 18 years you also never pay the compulsory deductible of €385.   
De Zuidas reception area
The Reception area at De Zuidas

q2. As expats, we do not all really understand how it works. Are all insurance plans the same in terms of dental care for children?


Yes, Children in the Netherlands are fully covered under the Dutch basic health insurance for almost all their dental costs up to the age of 18.


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q3. Are braces included for kids in the insurance? In some countries, these can cost a fortune. How does it work here?


No, unfortunately, orthodontic treatment isn’t covered by basic health insurance. If you know that your child will soon require braces, you can consider taking out more comprehensive dental insurance to co-insure your child at no extra cost. But don’t wait too long: orthodontic care is often subject to a waiting period of 1 year.

Dental Care for children

q4. A visit to the dentist is often something many children dread. Please tell us what specific actions your teams take at De Zuidas to make the dental visit experience easier for children?


We create a calm, stress-free and friendly environment, for example, we turn ordinary procedures into kid-friendly ones by changing the words and clear explanations – Children are naturally curious, so explaining everything takes advantage of this curiosity and lets children ease into the appointment. Also, it helps your dentist to find common ground with your child, equip your care provider with as much information about your child as possible, especially what they enjoy doing. 

We maintain consistency with a trusted dentist, thus seeing the same professional every visit. The ambience in our practice is welcoming. Friendly staff putting children and parents alike at ease.


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q5. Lastly, what tips would you give to parents in order to help them with the dental care of their children? What habits should they be putting in place and which foodstuffs should be avoided?


Visit your dentist every 6 months, brush twice a day! Preferably 30-60minutes after a meal. From as early as possible go to the prevention assistant for “brushing lessons”, also twice a year as your regular dentist visits. 

Eat a maximum of seven times a day (3 meals and 4 snacks). Eat sugary or acidic foods with meals, your mouth makes more saliva during meals. If you plan to give your child any sweets, give them as desserts immediately following the meal. There is more saliva and a mealtime beverage as water also helps to wash the food particles away.

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Thank you Arie for these great insights. It can take some time to better understand Dutch Dental Care specifically for children. I am sure these answers have been useful to many of the readers. Should you have more questions for the team at De Zuidas Dental, here are the contact details:
Dentist de Zuidas website
Address: Pieter Baststraat 21-27, 1071 TV Amsterdam
Phone: 020 672 4747
Dentist De Zuidas
There is also a referral clinic for special preceedures.
Also, see the De Zuidas splash on International Locals.

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