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Keukenhof Tulip Gardens

Every weekday we release a TTT – Today’s Top Tip ! Incase you missed some here is a random collection of recent ones for your view pleasure ! These Amsterdam tips are hugely popular. We love to explore and find out the best of things in Amsterdam so that you too can discover them !

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1 The Vondelbunker

Have you heard about the bar / events / concert space under the Vondelpark ? The Bunker was built as a shelter for times or war, but now is a cool place to enjoy music and the arts or just a drink. Best way to keep up to date is to follow the Vondel Bunker Facebook.

2 The Meervaart Theatre Amsterdam

Meervaart AmsterdamWe love to highlight places you may never of heard of or never visited. Did you know that in Nieuw-West there is a theatre and concert hall that attract some the very best musicians in the world and some of the funniest international comedians ? Well the Meervaart is that place. It’s not so far from the centre and there is always great stuff to see, so check it out !

Link –

3. CINE EXPAT Amsterdam

Cine Expat AmsterdamThis is great for all cinema fans ! Katie Crook arranges showings of recent original language films with English subtitles. The very best of world cinema. Often shown at the at Filmtheater Cinecenter. A great Amsterdam tip for cinephile

Link :

4. Comedy Café Amsterdam

Comedy Cafe AmsterdamYou like a laugh ? We like a laugh. We all like a laugh ! Then check out the Comedy Café Amsterdam. It has regular English-language comedy nights and some of the very best UK/US comedians to a turn here too. Keep and eye on the schedule here :




5. The GS Brunch Boat

GS Brunch Boat AmsterdamFeeling lazy and jaded on a weekend but need food and booze to pick you up ? The get on the GS Brunch Boat. They will float you around the Amsterdam canals in a converted coal barge and feed you brunch with bloody Mary’s. Then you can carry on your day as normal


6. BREDA – Restaurant Amsterdam

Breda AmsterdamWe love great food and great eating experiences. In central Amsterdam on Singel, not far from the Royal Palace in 2013 a wine bar and restaurant opened called Wannemakers. It was very good and we loved to go there, but it never caught on. It was then taken over by a Dutch family from Breda and they changed the name to….wait for it….BREDA. The emphasis is really on great, great food. We know that many foodies in Amsterdam go crazy for this place. You will need to reserve for the evening, but they also have a great lunchtime menu. So now you know !

Link :

7. The Badhuistheater Amsterdam

Badhuistheater AmsterdamThis is a true Amsterdam tip. A great place for English language theatre and a raft of other cultural events. Do you know the Badhuistheater in Amsterdam ? Well bookmark it is you want to see lots and lots of great events all year long. Mike, the director has a love of putting on the best shows and you need to know about it.

Link :


8. ARTIS Zoo

Artis Zoo must be one of the best in the world. The variety is amazing and it is impossible for children to get bored there. Zoos are expensive places to maintain and the entrance fee might be considered quite high. However, when you take a membership card for the year you can go there an unlimited amount of times….every day if you want. With small children this is a great way to keep them busy and happy. Here is the link to the membership info:


9. The TON TON Club

Ton ton club AmsterdamA great Amsterdam tips for the fellas…For a different night out you might want to go to the Red Light ! Well, that is where the TonTon club is. It is a cool bar filled with old school arcades games and pinball machines. It is a great idea for something a bit different. The website does not do it justice, but the info is there and actually there are three sites now.



10. The Royal Palace on Dam Square

Royal Palace AmsterdamHave you actually been inside the Royal Palace? We all see it, cycle by it, walk past it all the time, but have you gone inside? We you should because it is amazing ! It’s like a trip back in time and well worth a look. You can take a virtual tour on the link below, but do go and see it !



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