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Better health using science. It seems that we are all trying to live better, more healthy lives and that can only be a good thing. The essential question is: how to do that? I always thought that if I put in the hours, I would get the results. However, it doesn’t work that way. In the past, I have been a member of many gyms in different countries. The only time I got results and hit my goals was when I had a personal trainer. That says it all. Recently, I had the chance to visit Energenic in Amsterdam and meet with the founder Michiel. He has created a wonderful fitness and physiotherapy centre where everyone gets an individually tailored approach. His vast experience as a physiotherapist and fitness expert led him to create Energengic and data is at the heart of the process. There is no standard training and each and every client has their own program and goals. Read on to discover more about how it all works and to get insights from Michiel in our Q+A with him about better health using science.


Fitness with Energenic



The Dutch saying ‘Waar een will is, is een weg’ is the same in English. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! It’s true, but add in better experience, techniques and technology and you have better results. That is the Energenic approach. A wide selection of health data is collected and monitored all throughout the process. A session with Michiel will allow you to establish your goals and analyse your needs. As we have all seen in the last months, there is a real importance to becoming and remaining healthy. So, to find out more here is our Q+A with Michiel. Some great insights into what we can all achieve with proper training. Thank you, Michiel for answering our questions.



Better health using science


q1. Michiel, you have built a fabulous centre at Energenic. Please outline your own goals when you created Energenic.

I have a strong passion for health and I started Energenic with the idea that personal training could be better. Personal training in general was not ‘personal’ enough for me. Many personal trainers call their program ‘personal’, but in fact, just apply the same standard program to all their clients. So, I wanted to create a program that is entirely in line with and adjusted to each client’s individual profile. This brought me to using data. We monitor health data for all clients to see what the level of stress is on the client’s nervous system and to see how the client responds to the training sessions and daily stressors. In this way, we can specifically coach nutrition, stress management and sleep. In addition, we can adequately estimate the intensity and volume of training required to achieve the goal as effectively as possible. We also like to test muscle function to make sure that you can train these muscles in an optimal way. We do this testing during the Bodyreset: the physiotherapy treatment performed by our physiotherapists. 


q2. Please tell us why the use of data is so important in everything you do.

The data we monitor for clients are blood pressure, blood sugar level, HRV (heart rate variability), resting heart rate and body fat percentage. Based on this data, we determine the strategy for each client. For some, we have to pay more attention to stress management, for others, we have to build a whole new diet or focus on training certain muscles first. This way you reach your goal responsibly and healthily, in the most efficient way possible. As, after all, we all have busy lives.  



Using health data


q3. How is that data measured?

The client measures his own data at home with the help of apps and a set of equipment. We facilitate these; all are included in the price. The data is entered into an online document so that both the trainer and the client have access. This way, the trainer can always view the progress remotely, send advice or adjust the next training. Measuring data daily does not take much time, by the way. It takes only about 5 minutes. A small but worthy investment, as it helps you to reach your goals quicker. And in general, clients really like it a lot as you can see progress and/or points of attention yourself too. 


q4. Tell us more about the Bodyreset. What is that?

As said, an additional plus of Energenic is that we are not only a personal training studio but also a physiotherapy practice. An injury does not have to be an obstacle to overcome and work on your health with us. Each program has at least one free treatment, but sessions can also be booked separately. We call this treatment the Bodyreset because it goes much further than is standard in physiotherapy. During the Bodyreset we test how the muscles and joints are functioning. In this way, we can see where the weak spots are so that we can take this into account during the training sessions. We can often quickly reset these weak spots on the treatment couch with the latest and most effective techniques. With the Bodyreset we treat the whole body because the body always moves as a whole. We, therefore not only look at the place where the injury is but also at where the cause is. This is often not the same place! 



Body reset


q5. What are your client’s goals and how does the personal approach help them achieve them?

Most clients want more energy during the day and feel healthier and fitter. And of course a lower body fat percentage. The latter is of course not only healthier, you also look better! Because everyone is different, a one size fits all approach is not appropriate for our clients. People not only have different goals, but also other starting points (the level of fitness at the moment you start). A different goal and a different starting point automatically mean a different game plan. And to make the road to the goal as efficiently as possible, we use data. If someone has a lot of stress, we let that person eat differently than someone with little stress. For someone who wants to lose a lot of weight but turns out to have very high blood pressure, we will not put low calories because this may be too stressful (which is bad for blood pressure). In that case, we first start paying attention to good quality sleep, training at low intensity and a balanced diet in terms of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.



Better health using science


q6. What else characterises Energenic?

We love efficiency, and that’s why we work the way we work. But we also stand for a commitment to our clients. The contact moments are not limited to the training sessions. Every client is coached once every 2 to 3 weeks, based on the data of that period. Then we look at what is going well and what could be improved. And whether it is already time for the next step of the step-by-step plan. This is also a time for support if needed. In addition, people should not be surprised if they receive text messages during the week for motivation, compliments and extra advice. We want to support our clients in every possible way to achieve their goals! Finally, we think it is essential that your program at Energenic is also fun. There’s always room for a joke or fun in between sets or before or after a workout. The atmosphere within Energenic is also relaxed so that everyone feels welcome.



Energenic getting healthy



q8. Where can people find out more about you?

On our website, you will find more information about how we work and our contact details. People are always welcome for a free introductory meeting. We can also be found on social media: here

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Thank you Michiel for these great insights in this piece on better health using science. Now more than ever before, people are thinking about their health and how to improve it. I am sure many of your answers will inspire many people.

Contact details:

Energenic website

Address: Van Hallstraat 294 BG, 1051 HM Amsterdam

Tel: 06 49 32 08 63



You can also see the Enegernic page in International Locals.

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