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It seems that the skin is our largest organ. It’s a funny thing if you stop and think about it. It’s just there holding us all together. It comes in all different colours and prevents us getting infections or feeling pain. It grows back really fast after a burn or a cut. Sometimes it gets damaged beyond repair and leaves a scar. We can use products to clean our skin or other skin care that give it a healthy glow. We all spend a lot of time looking at it as we start to get older. Then we worry about laughter lines, aka wrinkles. Skin can also be the source of much sensation. Like when we are scared and our skin shivers. Or when we get goosebumps. What’s that all about? Or when another person touches our skin, we feel a deep connection. But, how do we protect our skin? I asked an expert. I asked Luciana, the founder of Bem Estar Skincare Amsterdam.

Meet Luciana from Bem Estar


Luciana Founder at Bem Estar


We all know that we should be careful sunbathing and the risks of skin cancer. Some people with very light skin can burn very easily. That is indeed my case and I avoid spending time in the sun. But, every summer we all love to lie out and sunbathe. Some people have exceptionally dry skin that needs constant moisturising. Many teenagers suffer terribly with acne and then carry the scars of that all their lives. There are so many issues that we can all have with our skin. That is the topic of today’s Q+A with an expert. Luciana, the founder of Bem Estar Amsterdam on the Rozengracht has kindly taken the time from her schedule to answer our questions.

q.1 Please tell us more about yourself and Bem Estar.

The Bem Estar Skincare and Hair Removal Clinic is a project that from the beginning was concerned with giving the results combined with a feeling of total well-being.


Treatment room Bem Estar


q.2 Do people spend enough effort to look after their skin?

In the past less so, but nowadays with all the knowledge we have, it is easier. We are simply better informed, so we act on the awareness. The problem is, some people believe everything they hear rather than speak to a skin expert. So everyone should always find a skin professional to guide them. 

q.3 I am guessing that most of your clients are women. Should men take greater care of their skin?

It was already like that, but our male clientele has grown a lot. People are more concerned with how to age well.  So, they are taking better care of their health and skin. That can only be a god thing.


Skin cleaning


q4. Summer is coming and lots of people will want to bask in the sun. What do you advise people in that regard?

Many of us have mixed skin types with patches of normal, dry or oily skin. This is why in some cases, it is necessary to change products that are more suitable for winter or summer. I suggest the daily use of sunscreen, but in the summer its use should be more regular with more applications during the day.
The rate of skin cancer has increased considerably, and several factors aggravate this as we know. These include:  heredity, too much sunbathing without the proper use of sunscreen, tanning beds, amongst others. I always prefer the self-tanning cream. And I recommend checking any pigment on the skin that looks strange.
Entrance door of Bem Estar


q.5 What kind of daily rituals should we try to add into our lives that will help our skin ?

The simplest :), in the morning wash your face with a soap suitable for your skin, a good serum and a moisturizer with sun protection factor.  Then before sleeping, wash again, the serum and a night cream for skin regeneration . Also, it is always nice idea to scrub the skin once a week.


Cleaning skin


Thanks for these great answers Luciana.

So there you have it. We all should take more care with our skin in order to look and feel better. 

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Address: 232-234 Rozengracht, 1061 SZ, Amsterdam
Phone: 020 422 66 96

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