All The Rembrandts at The Rijksmuseum

All the rembrandts at the rijksmuseum

All The Rembrandts

This is probably the most important art exhibition in the world at the moment. That might sound like hyperbole, but Rembrandt was one of the greatest painters of all time and this collection is so complete, that it deserves that description. Everyone knows his most famous work, The Nightwatch, and that is a work of beauty and technical mastery. This exhibition gives you deep insight into the man himself and his growth as an artist throughout his life. This exhibition runs until the 10th June. It is part of the celebration of 350 years since the death of Rembrandt and just part of the celebrations taking place this year.

Inside the exhibition

The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam All the Rembrandts

The Rijksmuseum now has the largest collection of Rembrandt paintings in the world with 22 masterpieces. That in itself is worth seeing for all art fans. This exhibition adds to that with 60 drawings and over 300 prints of his finest work. They are displayed in a way that takes you on a visual journey through the life and development of the artist. It many ways it is like him, a storytelling. It is a once in a lifetime chance to see so many rare and delicate works together, so do not miss it. Here we give you an overview of the ones we liked best and hope this will encourage you to go and see for yourself.

Some of our favorite works on display.

All the rembradts

Rembrandt was a prolific artist and was never short of a model and he often used himself in the mirror to create drawings and paintings to hone his skills.

All the rembrandts at the rjksmuseum

You can see him as a young man experimenting with light and shade to great effect. Here his eyes peer through the shade in stark contrast to the well lit side of his face.


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It is the little details that matter.

Rembrandt was also a fabulous landscape painter. Many of his contemporaries would have recognised the landscapes he painted on his walks around in and around Amsterdam. In some, you need to search and find the details. In the below example of De Omval, the site of a ruin, near the Amstel at Watergraafsmeer. It is a wonderful print and if you look closely for long enough you can see a man placing a wreath of flowers on the head of a woman. 


All the rembrandts

And if you zoom in you can see the detail. Stunning and barely visible to the naked eye.

All the rembrandts at the rijksmuseumamsterdam


The light and the shade

This landscape is a great example of the skill of Rembrandt. He is well known for using his techniques to create emotions in the faces of his models using amazing shades and tones. This landscape shows a brightly lit tree and the house nearby. It accentuates the growing threat of the oncoming storm with dramatic effect.

Rembrands at the rijksmuseum

Getting in to the Exhibition

All the Rembrandts runs until 10th June. Due to high demand, you will need to reserve online at the Rijksmuseum website and book your time slot for your visit. You will be glad you did ! The audio tour gives amazing insights. There is a lot to see here so plan for at least a 2 hour visit.

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